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SoHum™ Living Soils: All Natural Super Soil Just Add Water!
SoHum™ Living Soil is handcrafted by growers for growers to provide a true living bio-dynamic mix to be used for container growing in and indoor/outdoor setting.
We cracked the code to provide your plants the best, all natural, grow solution available. 2017 Winner of Hightimes STASH award for best soil!
Just Add Water-
A true time saver. No need to pH your medium or second guess testing kits.
Naturally Sourced-
Our handcrafted, all-natural, bio-dynamic formula brings out the fullest flavors and finest quality from your crop.
Living Soil-
The optimal balance of microorganisms and beneficial bacteria to help your plants reach their genetic potential.
No Mixing-
Let SoHum take the guesswork out of providing your plants' essential nutrients.
Reduce Costs-
SoHum has exactly what plants crave so there is never a need for additional chemicals or nutrients.
Full Plant Cycle-
From seed to harvest, SoHum provides plenty to eat through vegetation or flowering.

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