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Microdosing marijuana seems obvious - taking small doses of THC - and it is starting to become a popular method of taking medicinal marijuana, with many people advocating for its effectiveness in treating the same conditions we often mention. In fact, many seem to believe it is preventative much like taking vitamins and other supplements.

In January, MIC published an excellent article on this growing phenomenon, first answering the question of why microdose in the first place:

The principle behind microdosing is simple: We enjoy many of the more abstract effects of psychedelics — the sense of well-being, harmony and happiness — but tend to take enough of them that we also experience more extreme effects, like hallucinations and giggle fits. Taking a fraction of that ordinary dose, however, keeps most effects "sub-perceptual," or below the threshold where you'd actively notice them.


In other words, you're not really "tripping" on a microdose. You can still go about your day-to-day life, though perhaps with slightly improved focus, mood and emotional balance. It means that microdosing may be the answer for people who want to medicate their anxiety or chronic pain with marijuana but don't love feeling stoned all the time. Some doctors have said that overall, their patients see better results with low doses.” 


The article next answers some of the how:


“For some, a single puff on a bowl, joint or vape is a microdose. More experienced smokers and vapers may want two or three. As with the normal ritual of getting high, it depends a lot on your tolerance, the potency of the weed and how deeply you're inhaling. 


What matters most is your awareness of how much weed it takes to tilt your perception. If after three hits in a row all you can do is eat Doritos and watch old episodes of Seinfeld, then you've already had too much. Remember, you're not looking to enter another dimension here.”


The article goes on to detail how to microdose with edibles and monitor whether it is working or not. 


To read the entire article go to MIC.com



MIC.com - Microdosing Weed: The Definitive Guide — How much marijuana you need for a functional, minimal high


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