LYFT and 420? In Colorado They Go Together

2 years ago

Back in March, Westword covered a promotion by rideshare app Lyft in coordination with the Colorado Department of Transportation.

A month from now, thousands will gather at Civic Center Park for the annual 4/20 cannabis celebration. On Monday, 3/20, the Colorado Department of Transportation and Lyft gathered at the same spot to launch a safe driving program — the 320 Movement.

In the month leading up to April 20, Lyft is offering discounted rides to encourage marijuana users to plan ahead for a safe ride home. It's branded seventeen cars, wrapping them in green with the message of the campaign, "plan a ride before you're high." There are seventeen cars in the fleet because 17 percent of Colorado State Patrol DUI arrests last year involved marijuana, according to CDOT spokesman Sam Cole."

It appears as though the promotioin is ongoing. You can read about it here. To read the entire article click here 

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