Cannabis for Newbies - Delivery Methods

3 years ago


With laws beginning to pass all over the United States making medicinal and even recreational marijuana use legal, some folks might find themselves open to trying marijuana out for the first time for any number of reasons. Filmmaker Kevin Smith didn’t start using marijuana until he was 40 and now he is a huge advocate for it.

There are four delivery methods for using marijuana and they all vary in terms of the effect they have on you. If this is your first time, just know that there each delivery method has its own pluses and minuses. 


This is what most people think of when they picture a “stoner” or entertain the idea of using marijuana. It’s probably the easiest and most common delivery method for sure. The benefit of smoking is it is easy to control the dosage by simply limiting the amount you smoke, taking small doses to see how it impacts your system. The effects of a small amount of marijuana smoked shouldn’t last much more than a half hour. Start very slowly and pay attention to how you feel. The downside of smoking is that not everyone likes to smoke. If you have an aversion to smoke or you find it burns or is just uncomfortable, then the good news is you have other options.


This is probably the best bet for newbies. Like smoking, vaporizing is also easy to keep the dosage low and the effects are about the same. The flavor is usually better with vaporizing and it is easier on your throat and lungs. For that reason alone, many people prefer vaporizing.

INGESTING (aka Edibles)

Edibles are great for newbies but be warned - the effects take a while before they kick in so overdoing it is much more likely. For this reason, start very slowly. Take very small amounts. It can take an hour or two for you to feel anything but once you do the effects tend to last much longer than smoking or vaporizing, which is another reason you want to be careful not to ingest too much.


For folks who want to treat localized symptoms of pain or inflammation, there are cannabis-infused lotions that are available as a delivery method for the medicinal benefits.

Cannabis effects vary from person to person. Some people use cannabis to relax and unwind, some people use it for chronic pain, still others will use it for anxiety. There are many symptoms the cannabis plant can alleviate (too numerous to name them all here!). The delivery method, the person’s metabolism, as well as the plant species will all be determining factors in the effectiveness of the medicinal effects. Start slowly, consult with health professionals and qualified dispensary technicians who can guide you towards getting the best results for treating what ails you.

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