Pros of Living the Cannabis Lifestyle

With the evolution of medical marijuana, cannabis has become a part of people’s everyday life. People consume it on a daily basis as a preventative substance, like a vitamin or a supplement in forms like edibles, tinctures, sprays, vapes or ...

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1 month ago

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5 Proven Benefits of Eating Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are originated from Cannabis Sativa, which are from the same species as cannabis.Hemp seeds or hemp hearts are dark brown in appearance and have a nutty flavor. They are full of essential nutrients, required by the human body. The amount o ...

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2 months ago

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Busting the Myths Around Marijuana

A survey conducted by the United Nations revealed that 158.8 million people all over the world use marijuana – making it one of the most popular drugs worldwide. In the US, for instance, the growing popularity of the drug has to do with changin ...

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3 months ago

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Craigslist Doesn't Want Craig Using His Name to Sell Weed

Craigslist asks marijuana businessman Craig Taliaferro to cease and desist using his name  SAN DIEGO - July 20, 2017 - PRLog -- announces it has changed its name to to prevent any unintended confusion with onlin ...

1 year ago

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California transitioning from a state that has allowed medicinal use marijuana for over two decades to joining the states who have opened to doors to recreational use cannabis, seems to be a tipping point.

In less than six months, recreational marijuana will be legal in the state of California and the exploding interest in all things cannabis is gaining a lot of momentum. From startups to foodies pairing their ganja with their meals, marijuana is providing inspiration for folks excited about participating in the mainstreaming of pot.

In a recent story by NPR, they draw parallels between the weed industry and wine industry, “With recreational marijuana about to be legal in the Golden State, some cannabis entrepreneurs are looking to the wine industry as a model”.

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1 year ago

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